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I’ve been thinking, I do that, you lot (existing XXY’s on far away lands and nearer) can grizzle and moan about the terminology used to describe us. Or complain that XXY is associated with educational difficulty and medical issues. You can complain until the cows come home, or you turn blue, but don’t hold your breath, you’re not going to change a thing. You will expire before you see changes because XXY IS associated with educational issues and health concerns because that’s what XXY is, a medical/educational issue.

And why would you want to change that anyway, what is your problem? Is it your psychiatric illness that stops you seeing the wood from the trees? Or are you going to pretend you don’t have psychiatric illnesses either? You have an extra chromosome yet you think you can think clearly, logically, sensibly, all the time as if you were normal people? You’re not normal.

The problem isn’t how we’re referred to once we’re diagnosed. The problem isn’t what degree of difficulty we each have, whatever it is it’s probably been treated long before we were diagnosed anyway. Or if it’s infertility and we’re trying to start a family, there are ways and means already established to cater for that problem. If we really want a family we’ll move non existent heaven and existent earth off it’s axis to achieve what we really want, if we have to!

All that stuff above is just unimportant, tediously unimportant. None of them actually matter compared to the biggest problem affecting most of us, getting diagnosed to start with. Now the medical profession is not going to budge, they’re not going to examine the testes of every male in puberty and older who walks though their surgery door. They haven’t done it to date and they’re not going to do it in the future. I mean how often do you inquire of your doctors how often they palpate testes, other than your testes?

No the medical profession isn’t going to do it, they should, they can, they’re the only people trained to do it, who can legally do it, but they’re not going to do it, not regularly. Maybe you can get your doctor to do it for a week, or a day, but if they admit to doing it longer than that, they’re probably lying!

I recall when my babies were born, the doctor and Midwife both did standard tests on them, to make sure everything was there and working. As it happened for my son everything wasn’t there and wasn’t working, but that’s OK, he was confirmed to be different by a simple, basic, medical examination.

Now I know that they’ll make up all sorts of excuses as to why they don’t do testicular palpation examinations on all males in puberty, and older, at their surgery. But whatever the excuse is, it is just that, an excuse. I don’t excuse them, they excuse themselves.

Should you XXY’s actually take the bull by the horns and confront your doctors about their appalling record of not checking males gonads, one excuse you’ll hear is “my patients will never come back.” I bet I am not the only XXY guy who’s had repeat, unnecessary, physical examinations? If they can do it to you or I more then once they can do it to any other male too. That particular excuse is unfounded, as we went back!