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The Divi Builder is so complicated, every time I select an option all I get are a dozen more options, the programme should be taken up a mountain and pushed off a cliff.

A nice simple text editor is all I need, nothing wrong with that!

I’m an XXY guy, not intersex, not trans, not anything terribly special. I’ve been treated for Klinefelters syndrome since 6th October 1977. If you read my first page you’ll see I was diagnosed in 1976. I did not get testosterone therapy straight away, my Endocrinologist had to be certain I needed testosterone therapy. Now that to me is a really odd thing, how do I get diagnosed with a form of male hypogonadism if I have sufficient testosterone? I was clearly physically underdeveloped. Extract from a letter by my Endocrinologist to my GP, 27 August 1977. And Dr McGreanor (female) was the Geneticist who did my karyotype, and the doctor who first suspected I had KS was also Dr McGreanor (male). Do you think they might have been a married couple too? McGreanor is not a very common name in New Zealand.

So moving on, yes I was a real clever clogs, I knew how to check for the presence of sperm, and found none. That’s how I learned what “azoospermia” meant! And these days I think it’s utter rubbish that the Geneticist demonstrated KS on my karyotype, what she did was determine my chromosome count. Her possible husband determined KS by my small testes (less than 1mL volume as it happens) by my lack of facial hair, my female pattern pubic hair, and absolutely no musculature to speak of! Being skinny was a big problem for me. I was certain all my other problems would be solved if only I was fatter. Sadly I had to wait until I was 50 before I began to gain substantive weight, then it became a problem losing it. It’s not like having children by whatever means, as once children are there infertility becomes irrelevant. Being forever skinny doesn’t just go away by itself. Working out in a Gym or doing heaving lifting, no effect whatsoever, when testosterone is under supplied. Extract from letter dated 14 October 1977

So, you know, I’m really envious of XXY guys who can take the recommended dose and start growing facial hair and build muscles, I wasn’t like that at all. The “recommended dose” for me was insufficient.